6 thoughts on “⭐ How to start a Studygram/BuJogram in 17 Tips”

  1. About number 12 – announcing new pic in a story is most annoying thing ever. I want to see something different in stories but I might be in minority. Because with the rest i more or less agree 🙂


  2. Szia! 🙂
    I hope I’m not too off-topic but I have a different problem with my instagram. (Well, let’s say I have some bonus problems on top of that I lack the discipline needed for creating a peoper feed. 😅)
    I started my instagram feed to accompany my blog. My blog was pretty broad to start with, I started it after my mom died and it was both the companion and the product of my mission to turn a rough post-traumatic period into a period of post-traumatic growth, I shared everything I found useful on my way of personal development. So in the beginning, my instagram was rather personal, it was to my blog kind of what the stories can be for an instagram feed now. Then things made a turn when I started to share bullet journal content and I picked up a lot of English-speaking followers who were there for my bujo content and knew nothing of my blog. For a time, my instagram was in English, my blog in Hungarian. I made them both bilingual now, but I still somewhat struggle with how to mix and balance languages, not mention the content. Because even tho it started as a blog side-kick, it turned to be the main and virtually the only channel where I share personal pictures.
    So this is the struggle – with the mix of personal, blog-related semi-personal and bujo content, plus the mix of languages, do you see a way out, a chance of a board enough but still consistent insta feed? Any advice on how could I divide my content and make my feed better?
    Köszönöm! 😊😉


  3. This is an awesome article! I can’t imagine how you’d found all of this information by yourself, it’s the most comprehensive studygramming post I have found on the internet by far! Thankyou for providing such valuable insight! ✨


  4. What a great article! It helped me so much to start planning my study account
    I used to have one but I wasn’t organized at all… I’m ready to start fresh now! Thank you 😍😍


  5. The credit for my successful Instagram account goes to https://wizboost.com/. I used to spend a lot of time on Instagram and still, I was not able to get a decent amount of followers. For the first time, I used Wizboost for my Instagram account automation, and it became the savior of my sinking account. Within a few weeks, I got a lot of active followers that like and comment on my pictures and videos that I post.


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